Agendas are made available to the public at least 3 clear days before a meeting, not only on this website but also on the public noticeboards in Kirkby Malzeard (on the front of the Mechanics Institute), Laverton (to the East of the former Chapel) and Dallowgill (on the front of the former school building). It will therefore be published on the Wednesday before the meeting on a Monday.


Agenda for meeting December 18, 2017 : KMLDPC AGENDA 18 Dec 2017 Agenda .pdf

Parish Council meeting November 27, 2017 : KMLDPC AGENDA 27 November 2017.pdf

Parish Council meeting October 30, 2017 :KMLDPC AGENDA 30 October Agenda .pdf

Interim Parish Council meeting October 9, 2017: KMLDPC AGENDA 9 October 17.pdf

Parish Council meeting September 25, 2017 - KMLDPC AGENDA 25 September 2017.pdf

Parish Council meeting August 21, 2017 : KMLDPC AGENDA 21 August 2017.pdf

Parish Council Meeting July 31 2017 :KMLDPC AGENDA 31 July Agenda.pdf

Parish Council Meeting June 22 2017KMLDPC AGENDA meeting on 22 June .pdf

Interim meeting June 5 2017KMLDPC AGENDA 05 June 17 - public.pdf

Annual Meeting of the Council May 22 2017Annual Meeting Agenda May 22 2017.pdf 

Parish Council Meeting May 22 2017: KMLDPC AGENDA 22 May Agenda - public.pdf

Annual Parish Meeting April 24 2017 : PARISH MEETING AGENDA 24th April 2017.pdf

Monthly Parish Council meeting 24 April 2017 :

KMLDPC AGENDA 24 April 2017 Parish Council meeting.pdf

Parish Council meeting on March 27,2017:KMLDPC AGENDA 27 March 2017.pdf 

The agenda for the meeting on February 27 can be viewed here:KMLDPC AGENDA 27 February 2017.pdf

The agenda for the full January meeting is available here: KMLDPC AGENDA 30 JAN. 2017.pdf  

An interim meeting was held on Thursday January 5 - :Agenda KMLDPC January 5, 2017.pdf

A Full meeting was held on December 19 - Agenda - KMLDPC - DEC 19 2016.pdf

There was an addition to the agenda for the November 28 meeting:Agenda KMLDPC November 28th 2016 (amended version).pdf

The agenda for the full meeting on October 26, 2016 is available on this link: Agenda KMLDPC October 26th 2016 7-15pm Playing Fields pavillion.pdf 

Copies of the agendas for earlier meetings are available from the Parish Clerk on request.

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