Nidderdale area of outstanding natural beauty

The Parish is located within the area covered by the Nidderdale A.O.N.B., being an organisation created to provide additional protection for the landscape features and the character of the area. They are asked for their opinion on planning applications in the same way as the Parish Council. It also promotes tourism in the area, provides grants for projects and runs events and volunteer schemes. Their offices are based in Pateley Bridge (tel 01423 712950) and their website provides detailed information on their activities:

There are two aspects of their role highlighted below which are particularly relevant to the Parish Council.

The AONB Management Plan outlines their general proposals for the area:

The River Laver Project which is aimed at improving the area immediately adjacent to the River, much of which lies within this Parish:

Councillor Geoff Lobley represents the Parish Council on the Project committee.

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