There are three main documents which are central to how a Parish Council functions, by establishing procedures and outlining responsibilities. These comprise The Standing Orders, The Code of Conduct and The Financial Regulations.

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are essentially about the responsibilities of the Proper Officer (which at this Council is one of the roles covered by the Clerk), and about the procedure at meetings.

In order to comply with new legislation a revised Standing Orders Document was adopted at our meeting on February 2017, with a revised version adopted at the Annual Meeting in May 2017. Click here to view the current document: STANDING ORDERS -KMLDPC- Adopted Feb 2017 - amended May 17 and Jan 18..pdf

Code of Conduct

Each Council adopts a Code of Conduct setting out the responsibilities of Councillors and how they are expected to conduct themselves whilst in office.

In order to comply with new legislation the Parish Council adopted a revised Code of Conduct at the meeting held on September 26 2016. Minor amendments were approved and the revised document adopted at the Annual Meeting in May 2017. To view the document click here:KMLDPC CODE OF CONDUCT May 2017 version.pdf

Financial Regulations

The third of the three main documents is the Financial Regulations which itemises the role of the Responsible Financial Officer, which in Councils such as ours is also part of the Clerk's remit. You can view the Financial Regulations of this Council, which were last amended in May 2017 by opening this document:KMLDPC Financial Regulations May 2017 - amended Jan 2018.pdf

In addition to the three main documents there are secondary documents including the following:

Publication Scheme

This sets out how information about the Council can be obtained and is a requirement of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. It is based on a model document approved by the Information Commissioner. This document was approved and adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2017 and can be viewed by clicking on this link: KMLDPC PUBLICATION SCHEME.pdf

Public Participation Rules

The Council is confident that any member of the public wishing to speak at a meeting would do so in a reasonable and sensible manner but the rules set out in the document below clarify the guidance on this matter.Public Participation Rules.pdf

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments identify the risks which might affect the Council and the measures put in place to minimise those risks. The document can be viewed here:KMLDPC RISK ASSESSMENT - version 2 May 2017.pdf

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