District planning authorities are required to produce a framework for future development within their area covering aspects such as housing, infrastructure, employment etc. Harrogate Borough Council are currently formulating a new Local Plan and this procedure involves public consultation with input from any interested party including residents, land owners and developers. 


One major issue that the Plan has to include is a five year supply for housing, and as part of that process landowners within our area were asked in Autumn 2015 to put forward sites for consideration. The map shown on the following link shows the sites which were suggested within Kirkby Malzeard (no sites were
suggested in Laverton or elsewhere within the Parish).
Local Plan 'Call for Sites' - KM.pdf  

The Parish Council did consider the sites at our meeting in April 2016 and it was our conclusion that site KM1 was felt to be the most preferable for development if this were ever to become available, followed in order by KM5, KM2, KM3,and KM4, with KM6 being the least favourable. KM1 was seen to have the least impact on the environment, the natural landscape and traffic flow through the village, and it would have in-built services and utilities, and existing access. It would also be utilising what would be a disused brown field site, if the existing owners had moved their business elsewhere.

When the draft plan was released for consultation in November 2016 only two of the six sites, KM 4 and KM 5 had been included. Our response to the plan can be read hereHARROGATE DISTRICT LOCAL PLAN response 19.12.2016.pdf

Once all responses had been received they were collated and you can view them here;http://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal/pp/lp/dlp  Click on Housing (about 6 lines from top of page), then DM1 (Housing Allocations) and then select Kirkby Malzeard.

Harrogate Council then decided that not enough residential development sites had been included to enable them to meet their housing supply target and they therefore have included site KM1 as well. The Parish Council provided a response as part of the consultative process which is available on the HBC website. The link to access their website is:http://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal/pp/lp/as17/as17 and then select Kirkby Malzeard.

An additional submission was made by the Parish Council in March confirming its previous responses in relation to allocated housing sites and village development limits, as part of the final round of the consultative process. The Plan will be submitted to be approved later in the year. 

Website link: http://www.harrogate.gov.uk/info/20101/planning_policy_and_the_local_plan/550/harrogate_district_local-plan_emerging

Then select Chapter 10 - Housing allocations for villages and Chapter 11 - Policies Maps - villages

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