After each full meeting the Clerk prepares the Minutes in Draft form. They are initially sent to the Councillors, and are then made public (on this website and on the public noticeboards). These Draft Minutes are considered for formal approval at the next full meeting and will then be added to the 'Minutes' section below.

The draft minutes of the meeting held on December 18 can be viewed here: KMLDPC Draft Minutes 18 December 2017.pdf


Once approved by the Council, the Minutes of each meeting will be available here for reference. Earlier Minutes are available from the Clerk on request. Prior to an amendment to our Standing orders in January 2017 the minutes of Interim meetings were incorporated into the Minutes of the next full meeting but these will now be produced separately.

Minutes of meeting held on November 27 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 27 Nov 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held on October 30 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 30 10 2017.pdf

Minutes of interim meeting held on October 9 2017: KMLDPC MINUTES 09.10.17 .pdf

Minutes of meeting held on September 25 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 25 Sept 2017 .pdf

Minutes of meeting held on August 21 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 21 8 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held on July 31 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 31st July 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held on June 22 2017: KMLDPC Minutes 22 June 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held on June 5 2017:Minutes KMLDPC meeting 5th June 2017 .pdf

Minutes of meeting on May 22, 2017: Minutes KMLDPC meeting 22 May 2017 .pdf

Minutes of meeting on April 24, 2017:Minutes KMLDPC meeting April 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held March 27 2017:Minutes - KMLDPC - March 27 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held February 27 2017: KMLDPC Minutes of meeting 27.02.2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting held on January 30: Minutes - KMLDPC - January 30, 2017.pdf

Minutes of meeting December 19: KMLDPC Minutes - December 19 2016.pdf

Minutes of meeting November 28:KMLDPC Minutes November 28 2016.pdf

Minutes of meeting October 26: KMLDPC Minutes October 2016.pdf

Minutes of meeting September 26: Minutes KMLD PC Sept 26th 2016.pdf

Minutes of meeting August 22: Minutes KMLDPC 22nd August 2016.pdf

Minutes of meeting June 27 :Confirmed Minutes KMLDPC June 27th 2016 - Annual Meeting.pdf


Each year in May the Council has its own Annual meeting dealing with procedural matters including the Annual Accounting Statement.

The draft Minutes of this meeting are then approved at the Annual meeting the following year.

These are the draft Minutes for 2017:Draft Minutes Annual KMLDPC meeting 22 May 2017.pdf


The Chairman of the Parish Council provides a report summarising the main work that the Council has carried out during the year, at the Annual Parish Meeting in April each year. Local Organisations also give brief reports setting out the activities that they have been carrying out. Draft minutes are prepared by the Clerk and are then considered for approval at the meeting the following year.

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on April 24, 2017: Draft Minutes Annual Parish meeting April 2017.pdf

Full version of the 2017 Chairman's report:KMLDPC Chairmans Annual Parish report 2017.pdf

Full version of the 2016 Chairman's report:CHAIRMAN'S ANNUAL REPORT 2016.pdf

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