Having given the matter due consideration, the Parish Council approved the decision to proceed with the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan at its meeting on July 30, 2018.

This process should enable the community to have a greater influence on future development within the Parish. This will not replace the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework or Harrogate Borough Council's Local Plan but it will work alongside these, and by enabling us to provide a greater degree of community input, it should help to bring about the type of planned environment where we can all continue to be happy to live and work in the years to come.

In 2002 the Kirkby Malzeard Village Design Statement ( DS_P_VillageDesignKMalzeard.pdf ) was created by the community and whilst there are certainly some similarities, the Neighbourhood Plan will be legally enforceable and will be more wide reaching in its scope.

The Neighbourhood Plan process will take some time to implement - years rather than months - but work is now well underway.


In March 2019 the Parish Council made an application to Harrogate Borough Council for the designation of the Neighbourhood Plan Area. Having discussed this, we were of the view that the obvious area was this Parish as a whole, rather than only part of the Parish (such as just Kirkby Malzeard village) or a wider area incorporating other Parishes or villages. 

However in case any neighbouring areas felt strongly that they should be included or had concerns about the proposal, we wrote to each of the adjoining Parish Councils to formally advise them of our intentions. We asked for a response by early December 2018 and those who replied, did not raise any concerns. The opportunity for anyone who lives works or operates within the Parish to let us have their comments was also provided, and no concerns were raised.

This is the Supporting Statement submitted to Harrogate Borough Council with our application which explains what we hope to achieve and the topics it will cover: KMLDPC Neighbourhood Plan Supporting Statement.pdf

Approval was granted by Harrogate Borough Council for the Designation of the Plan Area in April 2019 enabling us to commence work on preparing the Plan P036Apr04 - Decision Notice KMLD N Plan.pdf


The Parish Council has created a Steering Group to carry out the work of drawing up the Plan, which is an advisory committee of the Council. This Group comprises some of the Councillors but importantly also a number of residents. If you are interested in being involved please contact the Chair, Howard Mountain on We would particularly like to hear from you if you have expertise in Planning, Marketing or any other skills which you feel may be of benefit.

Terms of Reference : Neighbourhood-Plan-Steering Group-Terms-of-Reference Version 2.2.pdf


Agenda for meeting 10th February 2020 : NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 10.02.2020.pdf

Agenda for meeting 13 January 2020: NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 13.01.20.pdf

Agenda for meeting 02 December 2019 : NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 02.12.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 11 November 2019 : NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 11.11.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 14 October 2019: NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 14.10.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 09 September 2019 : NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 09.09.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 12 August 2019: NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 12.08.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 8 July 2019: NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 08.07.19.pdf

Agenda for meeting 10 June 2019 : NP STEERING GROUP AGENDA 10.06.19.pdf


Draft Minutes of meeting 10 February 2020 :  NP DRAFT MINUTES 10.02.20.pdf

Minutes of meeting 13 January 2020 : NP MINUTES 13.01.20.pdf

Minutes of meeting 02 December 2019: NP MINUTES 02.12.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 11 November 2019 :  NP MINUTES 11.11.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 14 October 2019 : NP STEERING GROUP MINUTES 14.10.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 9 September 2019: NP Minutes 09.09.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 12 August 2019 : NP Minutes 12.08.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 08.07.2019 : NP Minutes 08.07.19.pdf

Minutes of meeting 10.06.19 : NP Minutes 10.06.19.pdf


If you would like some background information on Neighbourhood Plans these guides are a good starting point    NP_Roadmap_online_print_friendly.pdf which is produced by Locality and this NALC document The Good Councillors guide to Neighbourhood Planning[39533].pdf


In some areas Neighbourhood Plans have already been completed and these Plans provide examples of the type of policies which this Parish could include in its Plan. 

The only Plan so far completed and in force in Harrogate District is the Ripon City Planrcd-final-plan-2019.pdf

The Plan created by Woodcote Parish Council in Oxfordshire is useful as there are similarities between that area and our Parish : Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan.pdf


One of the best websites covering Neighbourhood Plans has been produced by East Devon District Council - click here :

Community Web Kit provided free by BT