In order to try and keep everyone informed on the up to date position of issues with which Kirkby Malzeard Laverton and Dallowgill Parish Council are currently involved, we have created this NEWS page. Please also refer to the MINUTES page for background information on the items covered by our Meetings.


For the up to date information on the above please use the following link to the appropriate page of Harrogate Councils Planning website:


Within the responses received by Vernon & co in respect of the proposed development on Laverton Road, a number of people referred to problems affecting the existing foul and surface water sewers within the village. These are the responsibility of Yorkshire Water and if problems exist they should be rectified, regardless of whether or not the development goes ahead.
The Parish Council is therefore making enquiries to establish the extent of work required to bring the sewers up to an adequate standard. Could you please contact the Chairman, Howard Mountain on 658838 or by email on with details of known problems so that these can be investigated by Yorkshire Water. 


With regard to the above could you also advise the Parish Council if you are aware of any traffic accidents in Kirkby village particularly on Main Street over the last 5 years.


The ACV application made by the Save the Henry Jenkins Group was successful but the owner asked Harrogate Council to review their decision and has also given formal notice of his intention to dispose of the property. On review the decision to list the property as an ACV was upheld. The group, who have recently formed a Community Co-op, have confirmed that they intend to make a bid and so a moratorium period of six months applies ending on January 4, 2018. The owner is not allowed to sell to anyone else during this period but he does not have to accept any bid and after the end of the six months he is then able to sell to anyone else at any price. Mr Fielder also has lodged an appeal against the planning decision to redevelop the site for housing.We shall provide further updates as soon as they are available.

Following a small fire inside the building on September 23, which according to the Police was caused by a local youngster, the owner has been asked by the Fire Services and by his insurers to board up the building which will be carried out shortly. 


A meeting concerning 'Community Led Housing' was held on Wednesday May 10 and was attended by Jane Fulford - Together Housing Group, Graham Brookfield the Affordable Housing Development Officer of HBC and Sarah Close - Rural Housing Enabler at HBC together with a number of local residents. Mike Hurford, vice-chair of the Parish Council outlined the concept of Community Led Housing and gave a presentation entitled '25 steps to a successful Community Led Housing scheme'. Following input from the speakers we now have some idea as to what such a scheme involves and it was agreed that the community should pursue the idea further. 

On July 7 Mike met with Harrogate Council and some progress has been made. Firstly it does seem possible that an area of land at the Northern end of The Green, in Kirkby Malzeard, being the section of grass directly adjoining Back Lane, owned by HBC, may be available for low cost housing, having now been added to their development site list. The next step would be to form a Community Land Trust from local residents to manage the project and once further information is available as to exactly how this needs to be created, a public meeting will be held to ascertain levels of support for the venture and to obtain volunteers who wish to be involved. Funding will be needed but it is understood that grants are available including those for initial investigations and feasibility.

Please contact Mike if you are interested in the idea of Community Led housing so that he can keep you fully informed. His contact details are on the Councillor page of this website.


The Parish Council is happy to support this current initiative aimed at helping young people within the community. The following is an extract from an email received from Vicki Lever who is the main contact for anyone interested, which explains the scheme in more detail.

I am writing to introduce myself as the Youth Development Worker for North Yorkshire Youth in the area of Harrogate District.  North Yorkshire Youth is a charity which supports young people across North Yorkshire and more details can be found at our website:

As part of my role I help to set up and sustain voluntary youth projects and I am currently looking to find out a bit more about Kirkby Malzeard and the services that are available to young people.  With this in mind, I am keen to ensure that I support any existing provision across my area and also help to develop any new voluntary youth projects as appropriate.  I currently support 15 youth clubs across the district including Masham Youth Club and Ripon Youth Café.
I am writing to you as I am aware that parish councils and council members are very active in their community and I would like to know if you think there is any scope to for me to develop or support any voluntary youth provision in your parish.  Our projects offer a lot to young people but also to volunteers who work with young people, due to the training opportunities that we provide.

Further to this a public meeting has been arranged at the Mechanics Institute at 6pm on November 15 in order to determine the degree of support which exists for establishing a youth club in Kirkby Malzeard - if you are interested please come along.


The Parish Council contacted SuperFast NorthYorkshire in January 2017 in order to obtain an up to date picture of the roll out of fibre Broadband within the Parish and this is an extract of the reply received:

I have checked our maps (which are available on our website and Kirkby Malzeard and Laverton's telephone cabinets have now been upgraded to fibre. All you need to do is contact your service provider and ask for an upgrade to fibre. 

Dallowgill has not yet been included in SFNY’s roll out plan. However, SFNY have recently secured additional funding which we expect will be used to extend superfast broadband coverage to further premises across North Yorkshire, this is known as Phase 3. This will be awarded in the Spring of 2017 and run until the end of 2019. If there are any specific premises that are unable to order fibre please let me know and I will investigate on their behalf (I would need telephone number and full address).

If you are in an area where fibre broadband is said to be available and you are unable to obtain it, please let us know and we will follow it up with SFNY.

There is also a subsidy available in some instances if your download speed is less than 2mbps - for further information click this link;


OFCOM have a useful checker which enables you to find out which provider best serves your property - this is the link: 

Planning consent (17/02370/FUL) was granted in August for a new mast to be erected in place of the existing one on Kirkby Moor Road, which should improve the signal in the area.

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