In order to try and keep everyone informed on the up to date position of issues with which Kirkby Malzeard Laverton and Dallowgill Parish Council are currently involved, we have created this NEWS page. Please also refer to the MINUTES page for background information on the items covered by our Meetings.


Harrogate Council have recently advised that kerbside garden waste licences are now available for 2020 at a cost of £41. You can arrange this via this link


The Council organised a Drugs Awareness meeting on December 10 at which two PCSO's provided advice to Councillors and residents on the issues facing the community on this increasingly serious problem. Whilst it is not as great an issue here as it is in Harrogate or Ripon there have been incidents, particularly around the Playing Field, suggesting that illegal drug use is happening.

To briefly summarise the advice given:

Teenagers should be educated on the dangers of drug use and in particular that occasional use of 'soft' drugs can often lead to regular use of other 'hard' drugs and can ruin lives. There are various websites including those listed below which can help but your Doctors will also be happy to give advice if parents/carers have specific concerns about their children.

Anyone seeing anything suspicious in the village should report it to the Police on 101 (which can be done anonymously) even if it seems trivial as it helps them build up a larger picture of drugs activity.


A decision as to the future of the building following proposals to convert it into a Children's day nursery are still awaited following the consultation which took place in November.


Give your views on how much NYCC should increase by in the following on-line survey:



Please see the 'Traffic Safety' page of this website for updates on progress concerning this important issue.


Whilst the overall condition of roads within the Parish has improved significantly over the last three years following closer liaison between the Parish Council and the Highways Department (and of course the impetus provided by the Tour de Yorkshire and UCI World Championships coming through the Parish over the last two years), there were a number of issues outstanding by this summer.

A meeting was therefore arranged on July 10 between the Council, represented by the Chair (Howard Mountain) and the Clerk (Jen Hurford), and the local Highways Inspector Simon Foster. The following items were covered - updates by October in red:

1.    Blocked gullies in Kirkby Malzeard and Laverton – High pressure jetter will attend to the gullies on Main St (in front of High Walk and West End corner – near Albany Cottage), Church Bank, Galphay Road (near New Build houses and Ivy Bank), corner of the Green and Back Lane South together with the gulley near the Noticeboard in Laverton. Some jetting done in August but still two blocked which have been re-reported
2.    Potholes on R & J corner Long Swales Lane – to be patched before end of September once Church Bank reopened. Patch repaired in October
3.    Back Lane North – on list to re-surface – not earlier than 2021/22.
4.    Back Lane South – pothole near telephone exchange - repaired September.
5.    Back Lane South – request for more prominent signs – Area Office will investigate. No plans to widen to cope with extra traffic from building site next to the Grange.
6.    Main Street – yellow lines opposite Long Swales Lane junction – Order raised for these to be repainted. Still awaited
7.    Permit bay for post van in front of Mechanics – to be extended approx. 2m to east – contractors instructed. Carried out - case closed.
8.    Three potholes on Ringbeck Road – patch repairs carried out following meeting.
9.     ‘Laverton lagoon’ – area to north of Laverton which has regularly flooded in past. Temporary work was successfully carried out in May and more permanent repairs will be undertaken when funding available. Problems have arisen again which were reported in October with request for warning signs which were provided.
10.  Two potholes on Bottom Lane between Laverton and Galphay Road – patch repairs carried out following meeting.
11.  Blocked culvert on Missies Lane, Laverton – drain to be investigated and made good as permanently overflowing onto road. Still awaited
12.  Himalayan balsam – Missies Lane and other areas referred for spraying – actioned for July/August. Not carried out
13.  Kirkby Moor Road – several areas need resurfacing. Marked out for patch repairs late this Autumn. Resurfacing no earlier than 2021/22. Still awaited
14.  Swetton Bridge, Dallowgill. Patch repairs will be undertaken this autumn and build-up of gravel on bridge removed to prevent damage to walls. Still awaited
15.  Swetton cattle grid onto Moor. Patch repairs to be undertaken this autumn and bolts to cattle grid replaced as loose. Still awaited
16.  Sign post at Tom Corner, Dallowgill. New sign to be erected with original cap with grid reference to be refurbished and fitted by resident on behalf of Council – on order – expected shortly. Still awaited
17.  Pavement in front of ‘Bonwell’, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard – to be resurfaced – order raised. Work carried out September
18.  Thieves Gill bend, Azerley – order raised for build up of gravel on bend to be removed. Highways aware of flooding problem – funding awaited for major drainage scheme. Both still awaited
The Council will continue to review progress on matters over winter. Residents are invited to bring other matters to our attention and we will raise these with Highways.


A formal application was made by the Parish Council for approval from Harrogate Council to commence the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill and this was granted in April. The process of completing the Plan will take some time but once it is in place it will enable the community to have more influence over planning decisions. If you are interested in being on the Steering Group which will undertake the work of gathering evidence and drawing up the Plan on behalf of the Parish Council please contact Howard Mountain on Please refer to the Neighbourhood Plan page of this website for details of progress.


The Council approved grants to the following local organisations:

Mechanics Institute  - £600 towards refurbishment of the Snooker/Billiards Room and a further £500 to be used towards the creation of a Community Association.

Highside Playing Fields Association - £600 towards the resurfacing of the Tennis Court and a further £500 to be used towards the creation of a Community Association.

Kirkby Malzeard Pre-School - £600 towards the recently increased rent paid to NYCC.

Kirkby in Bloom - £600 towards Insurance, School Garden project, weed control/care of troughs etc in village.

Kirkby Malzeard Youth Club - £600 towards general expenditure including provision of storage facilities for equipment.

The aim of these grants is to help ensure that the organisations will continue to function and provide the important service to the community which they do at present.


Consent has been granted subject to various conditions. Please use this link to access the case on the Planning Department website: 

The Council will continue to monitor this important application and we are still awaiting a Reserved Matters application. NYCC Highways have promised a full public consultation will be held on their proposed one-way system to Long Swales Lane and Church Bank/Street which formed a condition of the outline consent.


The upgrading work to the mast on Kirkby Moor Road was completed in Autumn 2018 which has improved the existing EE, Vodaphone and O2 signals. We would be interested in any feedback on mobile issues.

OFCOM have a useful checker which enables you to find out which provider best serves your property - this is the link:


As it appears that the shelter is occasionally used by children waiting for the School bus, the Council feels it should retain it rather than remove it and will therefore seek new quotes for undertaking the essential repairs. We have now redecorated the shelter internally and it is hoped that some funding may be available to improve its appearance. An internal notice board has now been installed to replace the former noticeboard at Kirkby Stores.


Harrogate Council have removed the ACV listing on the Eastern section, but confirmed that the ACV on the remaining section remains in place. Recently an offer of £180,000 was made by HJCP Ltd for the whole building which was refused. The owner of the western section has since confirmed that his section of the building remains available for a sum of £230,000.


The Parish Council applied for a Definitive Map Modification Order in May 2018 in respect of the footpath running through the garden of the above property, which links Main Street and Back Lane North. North Yorkshire County Council made an Order to add the footpath to the Map in August 2019 following which there was a period during any Objections could be made which closed at the end of September. An update on whether the Order now applies is awaited.

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