The Annual Parish Meeting for Laverton Parish 2020 will be held at Greygarth Chapel, Dallowgill on Monday March 23 commencing at 7pm. PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL LATER IN SPRING DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IN THE UK - NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY.

The Annual Parish Meeting for Kirkby Malzeard Parish 2020 will be held at the Mechanics Institute, Kirkby Malzeard on Monday April 20 commencing at 7pm.

Each Parish throughout the country is required by law to hold a Parish Meeting between March 1st and June 1st each year, and in the past Kirkby Malzeard and Laverton/Dallowgill have held a joint meeting in April. From 2019 onwards separate Parish Meetings will be held for Laverton (which includes Dallowgill) Parish in March and for Kirkby Malzeard Parish in April. 

The purpose of the Parish Meeting is to provide an opportunity for anyone on the Electoral Register of that Parish to discuss general topics affecting the Parish and is also an opportunity for representatives from community groups to come together, introduce themselves to residents, report on achievements and activities for the year and provide a backdrop for the showcasing of new and ongoing projects. The Parish Council also reports on its ventures and the grants that have been distributed throughout the year. 

With local council, voluntary/community groups and residents coming together it is intended to encourage mutual cooperation and foster community spirit.

Prior to 2018 the Council Chair and representatives of local organisations have attended and read out statements referring to their activities, but the meetings have been poorly attended by residents and so it was decided that in 2018, in addition to the Parish Meeting itself, we would arrange a Saturday morning exhibition in April to promote the work of organisations and produce a brochure containing the statements in the hope that in this way they would reach a larger audience. A Drop-in Session was also arranged on Saturday April 20, 2019 and individual written statements from Local Organisations were available for residents to collect.

In 2019 separate Parish Meetings were held in Kirkby Malzeard and in Laverton Parish and this will be continued in the future.

It should be noted that the Parish Meeting is not a Council meeting, being better described as a 'residents meeting', where issues can be raised by anyone on the relevant Electoral Register for discussion. The meeting is Chaired by the Parish Council Chair and minutes taken by the Parish Council Clerk only because they are best placed to do so and other Councillors attend as residents only. 



Draft Minutes (which will be considered for approval at the 2020 meeting) : Draft Minutes Laverton Annual Parish Meeting March 2019.pdf


Draft Minutes (which will be considered for approval at he 2020 meeting) : Draft Minutes Kirkby Malzeard Parish Meeting April 2019.pdf

Chairman's report : Chairman's Annual report KMLDPC 2019.pdf



Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on April 30, 2018 : Minutes Annual Parish Meeting April 2018.pdf

Chairman's report : Annual Parish Meeting 2018 - chairman's report.pdf


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on April 24, 2017: Parish Meeting Minutes 2017.pdf

Chairman's report: KMLDPC Chairmans Annual Parish report 2017.pdf


Chairman's report:CHAIRMAN'S ANNUAL REPORT 2016.pdf

Minutes of previous years meetings are available on request from the Clerk.

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