One of the most important issues currently affecting our Parish concerns traffic, with the safety of members of the public being a priority for this Council. This is an issue which affects the villages and also our rural roads. 

Public consultation, carried out by us earlier this year, has shown that the excessive speed of vehicles is seen as being a critical factor and we are therefore seeking initially to reduce speed limits in conjunction with NYCC Highways and North Yorkshire Police and then improve the implementation of those speed limits by new signage and possibly by forming a Community Speed Watch team.

In order to keep you fully informed we are publishing the relevant documents so far. 

1 Document used for public consultation   Traffic questionnaire April 2019.pdf

2 Analysis of results  Results of Traffic Questionnaire.pdf

3 Submission made to Highways  KMLDPC TRAFFIC SAFETY DOCUMENT.docx

                                                      KMLDPC TRAFFIC SAFETY APPENDIX 1.docx

                                                      KMLDPC TRAFFIC SAFETY APPENDIX 2.pdf

4 Response received   Response from Highways.pdf   which refers to a document concerning the Speed-Management-Protocol-20.2.18.pdf 

We will continue to discuss this matter at our meetings and decide how we can best reach a satisfactory resolution before a serious accident occurs. We still await the provision of data loggers for Kirkby Malzeard Main Street originally requested from the Police in February and clearly this is one area which we will continue to follow up.

Following a decision made at our August meeting we have also written to local farmers asking them to abide by the 25mph speed limits for tractors at all times.

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